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         Gainesville Improv Comedy



Gainesville Improv Comedy has moved.

If you are interested in learning Improv 

try the UF club Theater Strike Force.

They take all ages and are a great place to learn.

Thank you for visiting.


Improvisation is the practice of creating and reacting in the moment.


     Gainesville Improv Comedy players will gain self and social confidence, improve public speaking, sharpen intuition, refine brainstorming ability, enhance acting ability, enhance creativity, increase communication skills and improve effective decision making-


All while having fun!


     Students of Gainesville Improv Comedy  will  learn basic structures of improv games, exercise, scenes and what it take to put up your very own Improv show. Gainesville Improv Comedy is committed to  providing a safe and fun environment for all students and audience members.




When you discover the fastest growing, dynamic, and energetic art you 




learn to...


Let your first idea be the "right" idea

Discover new ideas within yourself and others

Take the initiative and lead 

Trust your instinct

Learn give and take

Trust others

Say "YES"to new ideas

Expand your creative flow

Be innovative and spontaneous

Learn to work together effectively while having fun

Use humor to get your point across

Practice "thinking on your feet"

Express your ideas effectively and confidently

Enjoy and expand your sense of humor

Have lots of laughs

Enhance creative thinking skills

Confidently handle whatever input comes your way

Play with similarly bright, creative, fun people




    Find Your Laughter and Play