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Class Information

Gainesville Improv Comedy Classes 

Master class at the Double Down 

January 10 7:00 -8:30

210 SW 2nd ave

5$ registration fee 10$ day of class

Comedy show to follow 9pm

The Master Class is a one night class that will touch on all Improv basics and introduce Improv skills though various Improv Exercises.

Improv 1- Learn the basics!  Four week session emphasizes trusting your instincts,

                                saying "yes and", and team work. Learn the dynamics of improv through games and exercises. 

 Improv 2-Ensamble Four week session, play off fellow player strengths, trust in

                                jumping into the unknown through trusting others, and learn to 

                                be great by always making the other person look good.

  Improv 3-Scene it!  Four week session conquers the building blocks of scene work         

                        Learn to heighten, build relationships, and find the game in spontanous scenes. 

   Improve 4-Character act!  Four week session, create character for strong and 

                           creative scenes, sharpen and boost   scene work strategies.    

                                      Final performance for Improv 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Classes start May 9, 2011

 Improv 1

Monday 6:30


50$ per session

Space is Limited


Call Katie @ 352-256-7270

 I hope to add teen improv classes, family improv classes. If interested in any of these Gainesville Improv Comedy Classes please email


Gainesville Improv Comedy

Find your laughter and play